"Questions" is a comedy about a regular guy who in three years hasn't figured out what makes his girlfriend tick so that he can save the relationship.  Now he has one week to figure out what makes all women tick so that he can save himself.


Four friends embark on a journey to figure out women by solving the mystery of human chemistry. Along the way, they realize that they not only know less about women than they thought but also that they know less about themselves than they thought.

Omar (Avery Kidd Waddell) is a struggling writer who isn’t making ends meet with his various freelance writing jobs and is down to his last penny. He’s hoping to get a permanent position at a major publication. Omar is not quite making ends meet in his relationship with Diane either, his girlfriend of three years. Their relationship has been shaky of late, and most recently, Diane is mad at Omar because he didn’t get her a Valentine’s Day gift simply because she asked him not to.

In an effort to salvage something positive in his life, Omar spends his last dime on concert tickets as a makeup gift for Diane, but that blows up in Omar’s face. After losing track of time while writing an article the day of the concert, Omar shows up late to pick up Diane. To Omar’s horror, he finds out that this was apparently the last straw for Diane and she has gone to the concert with Leon, the one man in the world that Omar dislikes the most. Leon is a co-worker of Diane who Omar believes has been disrespecting him by flirting with Diane right in front of him.

Omar comes to the conclusion that he doesn’t understand Diane and realizes that he never understood her. As if things can’t get any worse for Omar, he finally gets the opportunity he’s been working so hard for these last few years: the chance to be a staff writer for a major publication, Pleasure Magazine. Omar’s dream opportunity is turned into a nightmare when he learns that in order to get the job, he has to show that he has a good understanding of women by answering four questions given to him by Ms. Terra Sinclair, the chief editor and owner of the magazine. In an effort to seize the opportunity he has worked so hard for, Omar comes up with a plan.

Omar calls his three best friends together: Brian, a guy who has absolutely no impulse control and who is in an inconceivably happy relationship; Justin, a struggling actor who’s being taken advantage of by his agent and his girlfriend; and C-Illa, a guy who has a thuggish appearance and who hasn’t had a girlfriend in years. Together, they set out to do, in one week, what man has been trying to do since the beginning of time…figure out women.